Custom Air Handlers

Governair® Air Handlers represent the pinnacle of design flexibility. Unlike standard commercial systems that offer limited design or operational flexibility, every Governair air-handling unit is uniquely tailored for its specific application. This type of versatility results in a distinct advantage for applications in hospitals, pharmaceutical firms, schools, public buildings, food processing facilities, manufacturing plants, hotels, commercial office buildings, and various other industrial applications.

Satisfying airflow requirements from 500 to over 400,000 cfm, Governair Air Handlers are self-contained, and designed for indoor or outdoor installation. Governair builds units that bear the ETL label, and offers sophisticated options, like factory installed controls and piping, which reduce job site installation costs and improve project performance. Regardless of your specific needs, Governair has the flexibility and engineering expertise to meet even the most challenging project requirements.

Because our custom equipment is confined only by the limits of a designer's imagination, the examples below represent only a brief sampling of the versatility of our Air Handler product line.

Stanley Jones—Beverly Briley Building

Stanley Jones - Beverly Briley BuildingThe Governair-built air handler that powers the HVAC system on the Beverly Briley building in Nashville, Tennessee is currently the largest air-handling unit in the world. Governair’s team of engineers and skilled craftsmen rose to the gargantuan challenge of this project by designing and manufacturing a massive, multi-level unit with a footprint eclipsing 12,000 square feet. Capable of delivering 345,000 cfm, this giant air handler also contains a 68,000 cfm energy recovery loop, and is unparalleled by anything in operation anywhere else in the world today.

Auraria Science Building 

Auraria Science BuildingThe builders of the Auraria Science Building in Denver, Colorado sought Governair’s expertise for a custom solution to a longstanding local issue of HVAC snow intake. Governair’s engineers attacked this unique challenge by designing and developing an innovative, custom snow melt intake system. By pairing radiant heaters with moisture and temperature sensor controls, designers used strategically placed perforated plates and drain pans to melt the snow and guide the unwanted moisture safely away from the airstream. The finished product was a FANWALL TECHNOLOGY® driven unit capable of pulling over 70,000 cfm of dry outside air from the harsh winter climate.

Unalaska Powerhouse

UnalaskaHome of “Deadliest Catch’s” Dutch Harbor, Unalaska, Alaska is the site of some of the world’s most extreme weather. This sub-polar oceanic climate required an air handler capable of standing up to one of the harshest environments in the world. Governair’s team met this task by manufacturing two stacked air-handling units capable of providing enough combustion air to supply the town’s diesel power generators. Standing 40 feet tall, these units boast 6 x 6 quarter inch tubing, are capable of standing up to winds of up to 175 mph, and achieve the highest seismic rating available (Zone 4). Read the case study here.

Fan Blades