Custom Packaged Units

In 1942, Governair® patented the first self-contained, water-cooled, packaged HVAC system ever built for commercial use. Since that revolutionary development, Governair has been recognized as both the pioneer and standard bearer for packaged solutions in the HVAC marketplace.  Over the last 65 years, Governair has preserved this reputation as industry leader by repeatedly tackling the market’s most challenging packaged applications and continually going where no other equipment or manufacturer has gone before.

Because of our unparalleled background, Governair’s custom packaged line offers the most flexible and refined packaged solutions available. Governair packaged units are built in draw-through and blow-through arrangements, and are available in air-cooled, water-cooled, or evaporative condensing configurations. Cooling capacities range from 5 to 500 tons, and can be tailored for single zone, multi-zone, VAV makeup, dehumidification, and heat recovery applications. Governair builds units that bear the ETL label, and offers sophisticated options like factory installed controls and piping, which reduce job site installation costs and improve project performance. Regardless of your specific needs, Governair has the flexibility and engineering expertise to meet even the most challenging project requirements.

Because our custom equipment is confined only by the limits of a designer's imagination, the examples below represent only a brief sampling of the versatility of our packaged product line

Columbia Hospital

Columbia HospitalThe Governair built packaged unit that climatizes Columbia Hospital in West Palm Beach, Florida features Miami-Dade louvers on all inlet and exhaust openings, and is approved to Miami-Dade rating. The system also features a next-generation FANWALL TECHNOLOGY® driven condenser section. This approach solves certain critical design issues like high condenser static and load shedding, while delivering an even flowing, uniform piston of air across the condenser. Coupled with a digital scroll powered lead circuit to govern load sharing, and a heat wheel for energy recovery, this 30 ton custom system is unlike any other package in the field today.

Eagle Academy

Eagle AcademyAs one of many New York City public school jobs Governair has built over the last 3 years, the packaged units for Eagle Academy were designed and constructed to conform to some of the most stringent acoustical requirements in the country. Featuring ultra low noise condenser fans with discharge silencers, acoustical hoods on all intake and exhaust openings, and interior tunnel acoustical treatments, this project represents the absolute cutting edge in HVAC acoustical performance. These packaged units were developed and constructed according strict requirements to be accepted for use by the city of New York Department of Building, and is MEA listed. They incorporate hot gas reclaim heat recovery as well as green refrigerant, and feature conditioned walk-in, electrical vestibules.