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Governair products offer FANWALL TECHNOLOGY® for air handlers, packaged units, heat recovery units, powered condensers, and retrofit applications. FANWALL TECHNOLOGY is arguably the first true innovation in the air-handling equipment industry in years. Based on replacing large fans with a modular array of smaller fans, FANWALL TECHNOLOGY allows for major improvements in footprint, reliability, energy efficiency, sound attenuation, operating costs, and is also ideal for retrofit applications. Coplanar silencers provide substantial reduction in fan sound power levels without adding the length to the system associated with attenuation devices, and maintains full fan efficiency. FANWALL TECHNOLOGY is modular by design and uses multiple, small diameter, high-efficiency airfoil plenum fans. Building structural modifications and the need for large rigging and handling equipment is often times completely eliminated with a FANWALL retrofit. FANWALL TECHNOLOGY conveniently fits through standard doorways, roof hatches, tight hallway access, and elevators.  By increasing system efficiency and reducing energy usage, a FANWALL retrofit can significantly reduce your total cost of ownership and return your investment within the first few years of operation.
Key advantages to keep in mind when considering FANWALL TECHNOLOGY include:
  • Low frequency sound reduction
  • Redundancy and reliability
  • Eliminates belts, sheave and bearing maintenance
  • Full range optimum motor efficiency
  • Uniform velocity profile greatly enhances airway tunnel component performance, and increases system efficiencies dramatically 

Base and Frame Constructions 

Governair products offer multiple construction options to fit a variety of customer needs and unit requirements. Each of the following construction types are now offered for air handlers and packaged units:             


  • ITF Construction—Governair ITF cabinets feature premium quality sheet metal and roll formed cabinet construction with 2" or 3" fully insulated double wall panels.
  • WF Construction—Governair WF construction represents the ultimate in HVAC unit construction. As the historic Governair method, this approach features a fully welded base and upper frame and is suited for even the most critical and demanding applications. 

    Min CFM
    Max CFM
    Max Pressure
    ITF  2"
    8 in wc
    ITF  3"
    10 in wc
    10+ in wc
*Fully welded frames, as standard, are coated carbon steel with optional stainless steel. 

Cabinet Construction

Governair has experience with a wide variety of cabinet panel construction options. Standard panels are constructed for wall thicknesses of 2, 3, and 4 inches; and consist of an alkyd enamel finish applied to a baked on epoxy subsurface with zinc protective coating. Cabinet features include thermal break construction, true thermal break door frames, various high performance insulation options (see “Insulation” below), and high-quality gaskets and sealants. Additional panel options include bright galvanized or stainless steel construction, various custom paint and coating options inside and out, and fully weatherized construction. Governair also offers state of the art acoustical treatments such as perforated metals, acoustical coatings, sound coat, and limp mass barriers. 

Floor Construction

Standard Governair floor options include screwed down and sealed water tight construction, and fully welded floors with upturned lips. All unit floor construction maintains a minimum of 16 gauge galvanized walking surface, and features fully protected subfloors constructed of no less than 20 gauge galvanized steel. Optional features include all stainless steel IAQ drain pans, bucket type floor drains, and additional construction options such as stainless steel, painted steel, and tread plate (other materials available upon request). 

IBC Seismic Certification

Governair and Temtrol's WF and ITF construction has been analyzed under rigorous shaker table testing and has been certified under the IBC certification for seismic design according to the International Building Code (IBC-2009) and the seismic design standards set fort in ASCE/SEI 7-05. 


Governair’s standard wall insulation is fiberglass. Various other wall insulation types are available by request. Standard base floor insulation options include fiberglass and foam insulation depending on specific project requirements. Standard drain pan construction features foam insulation. Options for “no exposed insulation” applications include BGF 7628/252L cloth, Mylar, and Tedlar® to prevent erosion of fibers into the airstream. 


Governair doors are constructed of thermal break, extruded frames, and feature fully adjustable handles and closures, as well as fully adjustable, stainless steel hinges. All doors are dual gasketed with an internal primary seal and secondary knife edge seal. Additional options include door hold backs/keepers, door locks (tool or key), door kill/safety switches, and high-quality, wire reinforced viewing windows (tempered windows available). 


High quality dampers are produced on-site for fully self sufficient, single source responsibility supply chain flow. These dampers feature standard high gauge galvanized frames, high-quality extruded aluminum airfoil blades, and santoprene rubber edge seals. This innovative, ultra low leak design boasts a revolutionary sealing and bearing system with a fully concealed and serviceable linkage, is nylon glass reinforced, and is UV rated (AMCA certification pending). 


Governair offers a full range of silencers designed to fit a variety of strategic attenuation needs, and developed specifically for HVAC applications. All Governair attenuators were developed in the AMCA 300 Accredited CES testing laboratory at Governair, and are built on-site. Additional options include various acoustical fill media with and without liners for erosion prevention (full range E477 testing and certification pending). 

Full Piping Packages

Governair products offer fully engineered and assembled piping packages and pumping systems for hot water, cold water, steam, and water-side economizers, as well as chiller pump and piping skids. Governair offers fully welded assembly construction along with a variety of material options including schedule 40 steel, schedule 80 steel, stainless steel, PVC, CPVC, and copper. Additional options include Victaulic flanges, screwed piping for steel piping 2.5 inches and below, and a full selection of valves and control valves. 

Full Controls and Electrical Packages

Governair offers everything from motor and power only to full power and control wiring, and all electrical and control features employ full plug-and-play single point power capabilities. Options include fully installed and programmed DDC temperature control systems, Fanwall® arrays with redundant VFD operations for both automatic and manual changeover, various airflow measurement systems, ultraviolet lighting for air cleansing and germicidal control, refrigeration controls, economizer controls, variable air volume building pressure controls, discharge air controls, water-to-water heat pump controls, water-to-air heat pump controls, energy recovery controls, vapor proof service lights and switches, GFI duplex convenience outlets, smoke detectors, freeze stats, and controlled electric and pneumatic actuators. Full DDC communication options include BACnet communication protocol, LON, MODBUS, and N2.
Governair units bear the ETL label, and electrical and controls features are engineered to the requirements of NEC 2008 and UL 1995. All control panels meet NEMA 1/Nema 3R requirements. 


Governair offers various standard and special filtration options including, rigid, bag, HEPA, carbon, and gas phase to promote high IAQ. 

Ultra Violet Lighting Decontamination Systems

Governair offers fully installed UV lighting systems as required to promote high IAQ.


Unit Frame Only




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