Why Governair

We at Governair® find there is one quality that our customers seek above all others–VALUE. By combining single source responsibility with highly refined manufacturing processes, we are continually optimizing the technique of producing elite, tailored solutions without the preventative costs generally associated with custom services. This unique blend of quality, flexibility, and affordability means that, as an owner of Governair brand equipment, you will enjoy the satisfaction and assurance of industry-leading value for all of your HVAC applications.

Governair is committed to the aggressive pursuit of industry-leading value through the active implementation of the following resources and technologies:

  • In-house design tailoring and custom engineering capabilities
  • Highly refined production techniques 
  • Single source responsibility
  • Cutting edge, automated manufacturing processes
  • Lean Six Sigma optimized design, engineering, and production philosophies
  • World class acoustical R&D laboratory (On-site)
  • State of the art HVAC laboratory testing facility (On-site)

In-house Design Tailoring
and Custom Engineering


Highly Refined
Production Techniques

Single Source

Cutting Edge, Automated Manufacturing Processes


Lean Six Sigma Optimized Design, Engineering, and Production Philosophies

World Class Acoustical
R&D Laboratory On-Site


State Of The Art HVAC Laboratory Testing
Facility On-Site